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March 2019 – May 2019


Client from CK Marketing Solutions Inc.

Technical Information:

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.


Helping one of the clients of CK Marketing Solutions, gathering more followers on their SNS accounts.


Our client is a government organization from Japan, which has Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and their own website. They actually started these accounts for a while but failed to get enough followers. They want to increase followers, especially among the young people, as well as enhance external public relations.


Finding Problems

At first, I thought their government identity may have a negative impact on their social media accounts because people have a stereotype and more sensitive to those accounts, especially for young people. Such as serious contents, old-fashion images, and stuffy expression. However, after I looked into their accounts, I found out that rather than these problems, they have more problems in the way to use social media platforms.

For example:

  • Massive information & unclear target audience
  • Cross-posting the same content for all platforms
  • Random and untimely posts
  • Every SNS platform works separately
  • Content is limited due to government regulation
  • Low-quality posting material 

Solving Problems

Some of those problems, such as post timing problem, can be fixed easily by using social media platform managing tools. However, due to confidential reason, we were not able to use that. So I have to analyze, schedule, and monitor every account separately. For example, using TweetDeck only for twitter, YouTube Insight only for YouTube. Then found the best timing to post on each platform for different kind of contents, and scheduling them all together for at least one week.

At the same time, I recommend them to take advantages of each platform and cross-posting. For example, I was going to release a new video on YouTube, one day before the releasing, I posted on Twitter to prior announced the releasing. It worked really well and led more viewer than before. I also focused on creating the proper content for each platform. For example, making Twitter post shorter and casual, Facebook post with detailed, and official homepage post brief and formal. 

Due to confidentiality and restrictions, I could not explain how we solved these problems in detail, but here are some solutions we provided: 

  • Organizing the information and analyzing the target audience 
  • Optimizing suitable content for each platform
  • Creating the posting schedule for different types of contents
  • Attempting to post with entertainment elements
  • Presenting other platform links at the end of the post
  • Holding basic photography workshops for the client


All social media accounts flowers significantly increased, especially, facebook follower increased 230% compared to the previous three months.


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