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Horizontal & Vertical Business Card




November 2019


Ouka International Group

Technical Information:



Helping design a set of business cards for an international tourist company, which has branches in Canada, Japan and China. This business card is going to be used in Japan.


Ouka International group is one of the fastest growing tourist company, focuses on the foreign travellers in Japan. Their main services includes limo taxi service, car rental, high-end trip planning, medical tourism, kimono rental, etc. Their design requirement is luxurious but functional. Plus, they prefer to use gold color.



Since this work is going to be printed out in certain size, it is important to get the right settings includes color mode, resolution, print guidelines etc. 


First, choosing proper fonts to meet client’s requirement. Then, designing it by using Illustrator. The main skills I used were includes kerning, tracking, leading, align, expand etc. Considering this card is going to be used in Japan, I designed it in both horizontal and vertical styles, because I know unlike North America, vertical style business card is standard in Japan.

Feedback & Consulting

Clients showed they really like the vertical design and they are willing to pay double to get both horizontal and vertical styles. However they want to contains all services and operating license numbers in the card. It was challenging to keep the original design looks clean but add lots of information. I suggested them to keep the vertical style business card for exclusive level members, which will focus on representing the company; and add information to the horizontal style business card, which will be designed for other employees to help them introduce the company in detail.

Edit & Deliver

Because the white background tends to be tidy and neat with more information, I changed the background into white color. Then, redesigned it with additional information. Last, delivered the .ai file and the “high quality print” .pdf file to make sure files are ready to be print without any technical trouble. 

Final Result


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