Interactive Game


Assets & UX Designer


January 2017 – April 2017



Technical Information:



An interactive point-and-click game. Users are taken on an adventure throughout the land, where they collect berries and use them to unravel the mysteries Berriton has to offer.


Berriton is a casual web-based adventure game. Cute characters and unexpected endings make Berriton different from other adventure games. In Berriton you choose your character and choose your own path to form a story for your character. Depending on what you choose at various interaction points throughout the game, the story will unfold differently.


Assets Building

As an interactive game, Berriton requires lot of assets, such as characters and background scenes. We used Illustrator and drawing tablet to design and build assets.

The biggest challenge was separating the interactive objects in advance, so that when developer coding, he can add functions on that specific object. For example, the kitchen scene, even the oven looks like a background, I still need to separate it into different layers, because we want users click it and reveal a new storyline. Therefore, communicate with developer frequently is really important for this project.

Style Guiding

The style guide for Berriton including the guidelines for logo applying, typeface, color palette, and visual mockups. 

The biggest challenge was deciding the color palette. Due to the nature of the game, I believe there should be a wide range of colors used, so I divided our color palette into three parts: a main color palette for interactive objects, menus, dialogue boxes, and buttons; a forest color palette for the forest-like environments; a mountain & sky color palette for the color will be used to illustrate the mountains and sky.

Usability Testing

I conducted the usability testing for Berriton among six participants, including the classmates who are familiar with our project, the instructor who can give us professional advice, and the second year student who had no idea about our project. 

From this usability test I realized, UX test should not only relying on written feedback from the participants. Paying attention to what users do, not what they say, is the most important thing. I realized sitting beside the users and taking note of what did they do, is the most effective way to conduct the testing. 


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