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May 2017 – August 2017


Client from CK Marketing Solutions Inc.

Technical Information:

Google AdWords, Google Analytics


Helping one of the client from CK Marketing Solutions, who is in recruiting industry, doing the PPC marketing by Google AdWords. 


Our client is one of the leading recruiting firms in the United States, which specializes in Japanese Businesses for almost 20 years. Our client’s target audience is bilingual or trilingual candidates who are willing to work in the US, especially in the automotive, chemical, electronics manufacturing, logistics, and trading field. Since the changes of marketing strategy, they wanted to attempt the PPC marketing through Google AdWords and Facebook Ads to increase the conversion of their website.


Setting and Researching Keywords

Setting up the Adwords, including bidding mount, location, time, networks, devices, etc. For example, our target audience is people who are fluent in Japanese and English, and willing to work in the US. Therefore, at the first stage, I set up our locations to target the United States only, so that we can save more money and targeting more effective.

Using Google Keywords Planner and Ubersuggest to find the proper keywords and negative keywords to match our target audience. In this step, I did it in two steps. First, searching the universal keywords and negative keywords. For example, using “bilingual”, “high salary” as the universal keywords; “Indeed”, “UK” as the universal negative keywords. Second, searching the detailed keywords and negative keywords only for the specific position. For example, including the specific skills or technology name as the keywords. Also, if a keyword has big search volume but high competition and cost, I needed to decide the balance of using that as well.

Creating Campaigns, Groups and Ads

Creating Campaigns Groups and Ads by using the keywords. First, according to the conversion goals set up the different campaigns. Then, dividing different industry field into different groups. At last, creating several Ads in one group, but every Ad should have the control variable so that I can analyze and optimize the effective keywords, Ad copies easier in the reviewing step.

Analyzing and Optimizing

Google AdWords is a continual test process, I believe reviewing is the most important part in the AdWords. I kept reviewing all data weekly, such as impressions, clicks, conversions, CTR, CPC, etc., and coming out with a report every two weeks. By doing that, I could have an idea which keywords or ads were preforming good, which were not. For the successful keywords and ads, I would keep it or raise the bid on it. For the unsuccessful keywords and ads, I would analyze the reason first, then decided to optimize it, decrease the bid on it, or even pause it. This PDCA cycle helped me to find the most effective keywords and ads, create the most powerful campaigns, and get more conversions at the end. 


The average CTR of the ads were boosted 12 times through the first 3-month span. Also, I earned lots of valuable practical experience in PPC marketing, such as adding a specific number in the headline, will have a positive effect on the CTR.


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