Japanese Sake Lovers


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Online Press Release


Designer, Web Marketer


December 2016 – February 2017


Japanese Sake Lovers

Technical Information:

Illustrator, Premiere


Helping Japanese Sake Lovers promoted their offline events through social media especially Wechat and Weibo.


Japanese Sake Lovers is an online community which was established in 2016. The main purpose of this community is to introduce sake knowledge and connect the sake lovers all over the world. Since this is a brand new community, the organizers planed to host offline meet-up events to promote their community as well as engage the existing users.

Japanese sake new year party is one of their offline events. I was in charge of writing the press release and promoting them through the social media especially Wechat and Weibo (the most popular social media platforms in Chinese community), to collect participants.


Content Creating

Because Japanese sake lovers is a brand new community, and the event entry fee is relatively expensive, it is not easy to be introduced by media. Therefore before the press release I created a lot of contents, including e-pamphlet about the basic knowledge about Japanese sake, e-flyer about the details of our event, and photo and video contents about the dishes and venue of our event.


Press Releasing

I contacted 4 Vancouver based official accounts in Weibo, 3 Vancouver based subscription accounts in WeChat. All of them are focusing on distributing gourmets and living information through their accounts. At the same time, I also created the official Weibo account for the Japanese Sake Lovers, promoted our event and updated the latest news through that account. Same way, I shared the information through the WeChat groups as well.


As a result, the Japanese sake new year party got more than 60 applications for the capacity of 30 seats, and one out of five of the applications said they know the event through WeChat or Weibo. Furthermore, through this event, the users of online community Japanese Sake Lovers, increased by 150%.


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