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designer, content creator, and WeChat marketer


May 2019 – now


Luxmore Realty

Technical Information:

WeChat public platform, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, etc


Building and managing a WeChat Public Account for the real estate company to showcase and advertise their properties among the Chinese buyers.


Building a WeChat Public Account (subscription account) to help my client target upper level Chinese buyers, who can afford the properties that are valued over 1 million dollars. My main duties include: designing posters and advertisements, creating article and graphic contents, and managing the public account. In order to match our target market, luxurious and elegant Chinese centred high quality designs are required.



The main design assets for the real estate company is the property photos. No matter where these assets will be used: poster, brochure, or advertisement, retouching the property photos are necessary. Finding the attractive points from the original photo and using PhotoShop skills to magnify them is what I basically do as the first step. Then, using them to make a poster, brochure, WeChat advertisement, etc. Sometimes, according to the purpose, different designs in English and Chinese version are required.

Content Creating

  1. Researching about the property. From the internal perspective, such as development company, architecture design, luxury interior, etc.; and the external perspective, such as location, lifestyle, neighbourhood, etc.
  2. Understanding the Chinese market. Think about what is their concern except the property itself? An elite education for their children? The networks from the neighbour? Or the high potential for investment? etc.
  3. Creating an article featured out all charming points of the property in the Chinese preferred way, and combining it with attractive graphic assets. 

Account Managing

For example, figuring out when is the best timing to post event information, when is the best timing to post regular article. Then, posting them at different times with different purposes. Analyzing the data from subscribers, views, shares, etc. Finding the improvement point from the analyzing report, then continue the PDCA circle. 


Over 600 people are following our public account. The realtor who I worked with achieved top 1% realtors award in BC.


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