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April 2017 – March 2018



Technical Information:

Google Analytics


A website made for Japanese sake beginners. Users can get the basic knowledge, testing skills and even sake recommendations through this website. It has over 1 million users annually. (Data source: 2017.3 – 2018.3)


Umasake is a website about Japanese sake. It has been launched in 2015. The mission of the website is to share the basic idea of sake with sake beginners and increase the number of sake fans in Japan. The website sells sake online so the business goal of the site is to sell more sakes.
In 2017, I was asked to make a report and suggestion for the website based on data related to the site. The purpose of the research was that find high ROI articles and the low ROI article so the editors can prioritize their tasks efficiently.


Data Organizing

  1. Export page view per page data from Google Analytics.
  2. Integrate data of sales per page into the spreadsheet.
  3. Count the number of characters on each page and input the number into the spreadsheet. 

Data Analyzing

To make an actionable suggestion, I tried to keep the research simple. I categorized every single page into 3 groups:
Group A: A page with under 5,000 characters that sales sakes a lot.
Group B: A page with under 5,000 characters that sales sakes a few, but gets over 3,000 monthly views.
Group C: A page with over 5,000 characters that sales sakes a few and gets under 3,000 monthly views. 


We could categorize high/low cost performance articles and based on the research, the editorial team of Umasake could prioritize their tasks. As a result, Umasake has kept the same amount of sales and page view while they reduce 40% of their work time. 


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